Friday, December 30, 2011

Attribute spotlight - Injury (INJ) attribute in Madden 12

    Some might be surprised that I have decided to analyze the injury (INJ) attribute in Madden 12.  It wasn't my intention to do injury.  The idea came to me after watching the MaddenBible Game of the Week (GOTW) and seeing Aaron Rodgers get knocked out of the game early.  This forced ZFarls to play most of the game with backup Matt Flynn.  I can think of several times that my wide receiver or line backer has been knocked out of the game.  On many occasions it's the same players over and over again.  I don't mind having a player knocked out of a game, especially if he has a history of injuries.  That said, I don't like having players consistently knocked out of a game who have very little to no injury history.  I have no idea how many times Rodgers gets knocked out in Madden 12, but the GOTW got me thinking so I decided to take a look.  

    When I first started to look at the INJ attribute, I looked at all players regardless of position.  Looking at all positions at once, shows several inconsistencies.  I thought, maybe looking at the INJ attribute by position would paint a better picture.  By looking at the INJ attribute on a position level, it did show some consistencies.  Overall, I would still consider the INJ attribute in Madden 12 to be inconsistent.  I had a very long list to start with, I had to cut it down to prevent information overload.  It's still a lot of information, but I believe it's needed to show the consistency within the inconsistency.  

    I decides to look at the last three years for the players included in the spreadsheet.  I know some of these players have had injuries prior to 2009, but I believe three years is enough time to show a trend on the players behalf.  I fully understand if some folks believe the entire career should be looked at when rating a players injury attribute.  That is a valid argument.  If looking at the entire career is the way EA is rating the injury attribute, the table still show inconsistency with the younger players and some older players.  I believe a player should have the opportunity to shed the "injury prone" label, or can receive the "injury prone" label.   I would love to hear what you think in the comments section.  

INJ = Current Madden 12 injury attribute rating as of Week 16 update.
GMSD = Games missed

QB's Injury 2011 2010 2009
E. Manning 98 0 0 0 118 Consecutive gms
Cutler 95 5 1 0
P. Manning 87 15 0 0
Romo 87 0 10 0
A Rodgers 84 0 1 0
Stafford 65 0 13 6
RB's Injury 2011 2010 2009
Leshoure 94 15 College College
Hightower 94 10 0 0
Fred Jackson 92 5 0 0
Moreno 88 8 3 0
APeterson 85 3 2 0
McFadden (Oak) 74 8 2 3
Reggie Bush 73 0 8 2
Tate 72 1 16 College
McCluster 65 0 5 College  
Ryan Matthews 65 1 4 College
TE's Injury 2011 2010 2009
Finley 85 0 11 3
R. Gronkowski 84 0 0 College Missed senior yr  
J. Gresham (CIN) 60 2 1 College Missed senior yr  
WR's Injury 2011 2010 2009
R. Wayne 95 0 0 0 144 Consecutive gms
Hankerson 94 12 College College
Andre Johnson 86 9 3 0
Julio Jones 85 3 College College
Harvin 78 0 2 1
Olineman Injury 2011 2010 2009
Gross 97 1 0 7
Michael Roos 96 0 0 0 111 Consecutive gms
VasQuez (SD) 95 2 6 2
Light 94 1 0 5
Jake Scott 93 0 0 0 119 Consecutive gms
Backus 92 0 0 0 175 Consecutive gms
B. Moore 90 0 0 0 120 Consecutive gms
Weigmann 72 0 0 0 174 Consecutive gms
Sitton (GB) 47 2 0 0 Missed 5 in 08'
Dlineman Injury 2011 2010 2009
Kyle Williams 96 10 0 2
Justin Smith 96 0 0 0 170 Consecutive gms
LBs Injury 2011 2010 2009
Flecther 99 0 0 0 178 Consecutive gms
Harrison (PIT) 97 5 0 0 1 to suspension in 11'
Ryans 97 0 10 0
Beason 95 14 0 0
Woodley 93 5 0 0
Lewis 85 4 0 0 0 games fr 08' - 10'.
DB's Injury 2011 2010 2009
Sheldon Brown 99 0 0 0 Never missed a gm
Major Wright 95 4 5 College
R. Barber 95 0 0 0 198 Consecutive gms
Atogwe 94 3 0 4
Chung 93 8 2 0
K Rhodes 93 8 0 0
B. Harris (HOU) 92 9 College College
Bullitt 91 13 12 2
Berry 88 14 0 College
Collins (GB) 87 13 0 0
Reed 85 1 6 4

Statistics collected from
Consecutive games information collected from and 

    You will notice that I included some notes on a few players.   I did verify the consecutive game streaks at  I also did my best to confirm that players missed these games due to injury.  If anyone does find an error please let me know and I will correct it ASAP.  I do not want to put out incorrect information.

    For the most part, EA has giving credit to top 10 players with the longest active consecutive streaks.  I have noted the length of those streaks next to the players name.  One player, Casey Weigmann of the Kansas City Chief has slipped through the cracks.  He has a 72 INJ attribute while having started 174 consecutive games.

    Only one player (London Fletcher) who is in the top 10 of active streaks has received a 99 INJ from EA.  I would suggest that a 99 INJ should be reserved and giving to these exact type of players.  All 10 of these players have earned a 99 INJ attribute at this point.  What else would a player have to do to receive a 99?

    Looking over these attributes and games missed, you should see inconsistencies within positions and as a whole.

Final thoughts:

1.  How in the world does Justin Smith and Kyle Williams have the same INJ when Smith has proven to be an Ironman and Williams has missed 12 games over the last three years?

2.  Should Jay Cutler and Tony Romo really have a better INJ than Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers has only missed one game since becoming a starter in 2008.

3.  When does Matthew Stafford get out of the INJ doghouse (65 INJ).  If he starts on Sunday, he will have played every game this season.  Should he have to prove it one more season before getting a bump?

4.  If you want inconsistency, just look at the RBs.

5.  Should Gronkowski and Finley be that closely rated in INJ?  Is Gresham really that bad?

6.  Gross, Vaquez, and Light, should not have a higher INJ attribute than Backus, Weigmann, Moore, and Scott.

7.  Linebackers are the second most inconsistent when it comes to the INJ attribute.

8.  Defensive backs don't seem to take as much of a hit in INJ than other positions.  BTW - Why in the (blank) does Melvin Bullitt have a 91 INJ?

    I know some people won't think the INJ is a very important attribute, I believe it's very important especially for the online gameplay experience.  A gamer can change an attribute when playing offline to correct these inconsistencies, but they can't be corrected for online ranked play.  Losing a player during a game is one thing, but the frequency of losing that player should be based on reality.  Have a great New Year and I will keep reminding all of you "DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE."


  1. Good stuff. Def on to something here. Surprised you didn't list Vick in this though. I see the obvious inconsistencies for sure.

  2. I went at Vick enough this month. His injury rating is actually pretty accurate. One of the few. I think it's in the 70s.

  3. what would have been even better is if you had simulated three years into the future and compare the number of injuries they suffered in the game to the number they suffered in real life. That would give a more accurate picture not only of just the rating itself but also the actual injury mechanic of this game.