Saturday, June 9, 2012

As of now, Madden NFL 13 will NOT give gamers the ability to hold a fantasy draft.

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I wanted to do a quick blog to touch on the fact that as of now Madden 13 will not have fantasy drafts.  EA has wowed many fans by adding physics to Madden 13 and the new Connected Career mode.  Unfortunately, EA is putting out an incomplete product.

EA did not forget to put in the Fantasy Draft option, they want the Madden Community to believe that they didn't have enough time to add it to Madden 13.

Here is a twitter conversation I had yesterday with EA senior designer for Madden 13, Josh Looman:

 "Fantasy Draft needed" is now the 3rd most voted on Game Changer idea:Please respond to community.

 Not sure what to say. We don’t have fantasy draft.

 Why not go into to forum and explain to the hundreds for online league fans as to why the feature could not be included. TY

 We didn’t have enough time. Simple as that. We’ll get to it as soon we can.

I'm sorry, but this excuse just doesn't cut it.  If I was to read between the lines, I would say that the fantasy draft option was not a priority for EA.  This is another example of them not being in touch with the community.

EA invites several gamers to their Community Day events to test the game and give feedback.  It's hard for me to believe that leaving out the fantasy draft was shared with these folks ahead of time.  If the Game Changers did know about this months ago, I am very disappointed they didn't demand that EA leave the fantasy draft option in Madden 13.  My suspicion, is that the Community Day folks did NOT know it was left out until last week at G3.

Remember, we are talking about an option that has been in Madden for years.  Are they really going to try and sell us the "New Fantasy Draft Mode" for Madden 14?  A quick poll of the community in their own forums, would have revealed the importance of the fantasy draft.

Many leagues are initially built by starting with a Fantasy Draft.  All 32 managers have a chance to draft their very own teams to fit their gaming style.  Do I even have to mention how popular Fantasy Football is in the United States and beyond?  This is the first big failure of Madden 13 and the game hasn't even been released yet.

I am glad the game has physics.  The jury is still out on connected careers (I need to play it first and don't trust the hype).  What I know for sure, is that right now we will not have the ability to hold a fantasy draft in Madden 13, online or offline.

Wake up EA and do whatever it takes to get the fantasy draft option back into Madden 13.

If you would like to let your voice be heard by voting and commenting on the "fantasy draft" topic, please go to this link

In just a few days, the "fantasy draft" topic has soared to the top of the idea list.  The sad part is, it's not a new idea.  We just want the option back.

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  1. If they do not have enough time to put fantasy draft in connect careers for 13 then connect careers is not ready and needs scrapped till 14 or later.

    the best part of the game for my friends and I is the fantasy draft that we do every time we buy the game. It blows my mind that they would release a game without this feature. Between fantasy football and madden, drafting is the most exciting part of football besides watching it. GET IT BACK!

  2. If there is no fantasy draft, I won't buy the game. If this is the case, this be the year Madden falls. I will never purchase another EA game in my life.

  3. this is what happens when there's no competition in the football game industry!!! EA should brace for the significant decrease in games sales this year. Also to not even address the biggest issues in madden 13 from the fans perspective (nobody gives a flying #$%^ about most of the CC crap) to the fans in some form is absolute BS. Would never have expected this from EA sports. Very low.

  4. Not buying the game this year. Fantasy is what I do. My friends and I do several fantasy drafts every year. EA disappointing again...

  5. IT DOES NOT MATTER get over it

  6. Hands down best part of the game, they really ruined Madden for the whole year. Dumbest decision they've made in over 20 years of the game

  7. Fantasy Draft is the best part of the game for me and all my friends. The Fantasy football craze in America is only getting bigger! It was a stupid move to not include the biggest thing in football today! Physics and gameplay are great but don't take away from what got you there. Especially in this day and age where media size is not a bottleneck. If you have to include a second disk then so be it! Everyone else is making multi-disk games. We want our moneys worth, instead of getting nickeled and dimed for every bit of DLC all the time! EA is already soaking the people who by used games, to buy online passes. Ea is already making 60 million plus dollars just from this game alone, and they just take more and more away from us. We are the reason they make that money. We have to show our collective muscle and take a stand!