Sunday, November 4, 2012

Madden 13 Roster update #10 (WEEK 9) - Inside the numbers.

With the conclusion of this week's games, all NFL teams will be at the halfway point (8 games played) of their NFL season.  When it comes to Madden 13 player ratings, the roller-coaster that is EA's weekly roster update continues.  

On Friday (11/2/12), the Week 9 Madden 13 roster update went live (Here is EA's Blog).  

My goal with this blog series is to increase awareness when it comes to Madden players ratings.  As of this blog post, EA has still not released information regarding the standard procedures they follow when adjusting each individual player attribute?  By refusing to share an objective set of procedures that apply to all players and teams (equally), Madden fans will continue to conclude that player ratings are full of bias and inaccuracy.

Although EA and Donny Moore have dodged this topic for years, I encourage all Madden fans to continue asking them explain their standard procedures for player ratings and individual attributes.  I believe fans are entitled a detailed answer to this question.  

What is EA afraid of?  Maybe, they don't have anything to provide.  Maybe, they just make things up from one week to the next.  At this point, your guess is as good as mine.  

Stop running from this topic EA!

You can contact EA on twitter at @EAMaddenNFL and Donny Moore using @Donny_Moore


For this blog, I will update you on the OVR changes that have taken place since the Week 2 update.  I started at week two, because that is the first update after the regular season began. 

* Below are some tables I created to track ALL increases and decreases (based on OVR only) that EA publishes on their website.  This table will allow you to see what positions are getting the most increases, decreases, and which ones are being overlooked.


1.  For the first time this season, the WR position actually received more decreases than increases.  As a matter of fact, the week 9 update produced the highest percentage of decreases for offensive players all season (43%).  

2.  For the second week in a row, the defense as whole was a 50/50 split (complete balance).  Year to date, no position has received a high percentage of decreases than the defensive line 47%.  

3.  At this point, I don't think these percentages are just coincidence.  Someone at EA may actually be following this blog and trying to make adjustments.  If this is Donny Moore's doing, I say "GOOD JOB DONNY" and it's about time.    

4.  Here's a three week look from the week 7 update (#8) to week 9 (#10) update.

27 players have had a ratings adjustment in three consecutive weeks.

Six players have been increased each week:  Chris Givens, Denarius Moore, Fernando Velasco, Jonte Green, Kai Forbath, and Kamerion Wimbley, 

Two players have been decreased each week:  DeAngelo Hall and Janoris Jenkins

Four players have been increased week 8 and 9, after being decreased week 7:  Donald Thomas, Jeff Linkenbach, Max Starks, and Titus Young Sr.

Two players have been decreased week 8 and 9, after being increased week 7:  Barry Richardson and David Baas

Four players were increased week 9 after being decreased week 7 and 8:  Akeem Ayers, Brandon Pettigrew,  Matthew Stafford and Michael Bennett

Five players were decreased week 9 after being increased week 7 and 8:  Anthony Castonzo, Jerry Hughes, Kyle Wilson, O'Brien Schofield, and Quintin Mikell

Two players were increased week 9, decreased week 8 and increased week 7:  Mtichell Schwartz and Russell Wilson

Two players were decreased week 9, increased week 8, and decreased week 7:  Erik Walden and LaRod Stephen-Howling

5.  Here are some final numbers from the Week 9 roster update (#10):

43 players received an increase this week and last week.
24 players received a decrease this week and last week.
15 players received an increase this week after a decrease last week.
20 players received a decrease this week after an increase last week.

*From the week 2 update to present, 101 players have received an increase just one week after receiving a decrease.  95 players have received a decrease just one week after receiving an increase.

In total, that is 196 players who have had their ratings adjusted in the opposite direction after just one week.  

That is 196 examples of the "kneejerk" ratings system.  When is EA going to realize that a larger sample size is required to produce more accuracy and consistency in Madden player ratings and attributes?  


Thanks for following my blog, enjoy the games.


  1. 2. For the second week in a row, the defense as whole was a 50/50 split (complete balance). Year to date, no position has received a high percentage of decreases than the defensive line 47%.

    Balance can be a good thing but it should be based on reality. Defensive ends Elvis Dumervil and Robert Ayers both played solid games and recieved 1 and 2 pt decreases respectively. Dumervil was in the qbs face all night applying pressure and forcing Breeze to get rid of the ball. Just cause he didnt have a sack he gets dropped 2 pts? My guess is Donny was trying to balance all the increases to the rest of the Bronco D and didnt watch the game just looked at the stat line.

  2. Hey man I really like reading your blog.. I play Madden but can't get online I read this blog through my android.. I try to find people to give me roster updates so I can manually update my team the patriots...So if you ever got extra time and could tell me some of their updated ratings id be very appreciative.. Particularly Ridley (spd, agi, acc, ctc, car, truck, bcv, elu, juke,) chandler jones (spd, agi, acc, str, tak, pmv, fmv, pur, prc,) and the OTs solder and Volmer. Thanks bro!