Thursday, October 4, 2012

Madden 13 Roster update #6 (WEEK 5) - Is EA starting to give out more decreases?

First, I apologize for not being more active on my blog lately.  I have been putting in a ton of hours at work and haven't had much spare time.  Also, my wife and I shared with friends and family that we are expecting our first child in early April.  Needless to say, I have many things going on right now.  Today, I had a little time and wanted to get out a quick blog on the upcoming roster update.

On Friday (10/5/12), the Week 5 Madden 13 roster update will go live (Here is EA's Blog).  EA is still not supplying fans with a FULL roster update blog.  A complete roster update blog would include ALL attribute adjustments, not just OVR and a few CAR changes.  Of course, EA doesn't want to reveal that information, because it would show how inaccurate and inconsistent the ratings really are.  It's sad really.  The player ratings "team" knows exactly what they are changing each week and could just simply note that on the blog.  It would take very little time, but if they need help, they could send me the informations and I will put it out to all Madden fans (BTW - I doubt they would ever do that).

For this blog, I will update you on the OVR changes that have taken place since the Week 2 update.  I started at week two, because that is the first update after the regular season began.    

* Below are some tables I created to track ALL increases and decreases (based on OVR only) that EA publishes on their website.  This table will allow you to see what positions are getting the most increases, decreases, and which ones are being overlooked all together.


* Remember - I don't support weekly "kneejerk" attribute adjustments.  I would like to see players evaluated with bigger sample sizes prior to increasing/decreasing an attribute.  That said, EA is not going to change any time soon, so we need to evaluate what they are doing on a weekly basis.  Accuracy and consistency should always be their primary goal, even if they insist on a using small sample sizes.

1.  The week 5 update produced the highest percentage of decreases for both offense and defense since the game was released.  Is EA and Donny Moore finally trying to find a balance here?  Maybe.

OL and RB's see the highest percentage of decreases on offense and the secondary (CB and S) receives the highest percentage of decreases on defense.  TE's and WR's are still a joke when it comes to decreases.

These number are very interesting and allow you to track some of the player rating tendencies of EA.  I think EA tried to make an effort to decrease more players this week, but this is still a very unbalanced roster update.  

2.  In the week 5 update:

22 players received an increase this week after receiving a decrease last week.

19 players received a decrease this week after receiving an increase last week.

31 players received an increase this week and last week.

19 players received a decrease this week and last week.

91 players received some kind of OVR adjustment this week and last week.  .

I'm sorry, but this is an absolute joke and is the perfect example of the inconsistency we are subject to in Madden player ratings.  50 players went the opposite direction in week 5 after being adjusted in week 4.  You know what this tells me?  It tells me that EA is not confident in the way they evaluate players, if they were, they would stand by their adjustments for more than one week.

Since the week 2 update, 

4 players have been adjusted four weeks in a row.  They are:

Increased all 4 weeks:  J.J. Watt (DE, HOU) 

Decreased 3 weeks in a row, but increased this week:  Chris Johnson (RB, TEN)

Decreased week 2, increased week 3, decreased week 4, and increased in week 5:  Mitchell Schwartz (OL, CLV) and Mike Vick (QB, PHI)

The Schwartz and Vick situation speaks for itself.  


Final thoughts:

Again, I apologize for not being more active on my blog the last two weeks.  Unfortunately, I am going to be very busy next week as well and working very long days.  I will do my best to get out another blog as soon as possible.  Have a great weekend.

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